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Triage and Trauma

I can be cold hearted and kind of an ass when it comes to medicine and trauma but its my way of coping. If I use the same cold clinical model to decide for me, this way I am able to detach myself from responsibility. 

I will treat the criminal over the preist if he has a better chance of surviving.

I will treat the elderly over the child if he has a better prognosis.

I will treat the mentally ill over the genius if there is a better possible outcome.

No matter race gender history or background I will treat those based on their physiology alone not their psychology. 

To make an exception would be to question my very philosophy of medicine and nursing.

~But I do apologize before hand, I will save my family and my friends regardless of physiology for their lives are more important to me than any others including my own. Their lives are more important than my philosophy principle and everything that I believe in. Because without them my philosophy has no meaning. 

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If you only knew how much work I have to do just so I can tell you ’ its no big deal’
some TV show that I cant remember the name right off the bat 

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It’s not a question of can or can’t. There are some things in life you just do.

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Natural Selection

On the front lines of the Natural Selection debate stands myriads of scientist, doctors, and people of great skill in their respective fields. These individuals believe in Natural Selection like a law that absolutely must be obeyed. The faith that they have in this idea is just as strong as the faith that they have in things like gravity and air. Yet something strikes me as off. These individuals who dogmatically believe in Natural Selection are constantly trying to prove themselves wrong. Doctors try to defy natural selection by creating vaccines and treatments for diseases. Scientist try to come up with protocols and inventions that make life easier and extend the life of the fragile human existence.

So where do we stand now? Maybe it is that in the process of proving ourselves wrong we also prove that our theory is right. How is this possible you might ask. Well its simple. By creating all of these feats of technology and medicine we prove that our species as a whole is worthy of evolution and that natural selection does exsist. We are not defying it by not letting nature take its course. We are proving on a greater scale that the Human Race is worthy of continuing rater than certain individuals dying because they are not advantageous to evolution.

It also exposes an unexpected side of science….compassion. Maybe we are naturally driven to not let people die. Or maybe the altruistic devotion of the human race to save and extend lives is an adaptation in itself? I will let you decide that, either way it is something to believe in even if you don’t believe in natural selection.

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Thoughts on graduation

Looking back it is obivious how much I have changed in the past two years. I now start to wonder what caused this change? Is it the people I have surrounded myself with? is it my own attitude toward things? or have I just grown up?

I have become more independent, Stronger, Less timid, More self motivated, A perfectionist, Drive, and much much more things.

Thankfully I am one of those few who have changed for the better while many of those I knew from high school have take a change for the worst.

While at my brothers graduation I thought it was funny how much those kids worried about trivial things like high school flings and spending every waking moment with their friends. Not wanting to burst anyone bubble I didn’t say that in all likely hood they would never see nor talk to any of those people again, and if they did it would just be the occasional acknowledgement of existence. Even worse that that those people who were their friends in high school might just be their competition in college and in the future job market.

The future from high school is never as picturesque as you imagine it but one good thing does come out of it. You gain a new prespective on life you learn who your real friends are and you also learn how much you were able to put up with in high school. You gain freedom at the price of responsibility, you gain enlightement at the expense of your freedom, and you attain your dreams at the expense of time of your life.